KISS Is 'At Least Halfway' Done With Documentary, Says TOMMY THAYER

March 1, 2020

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer has confirmed that the band is working on a "definitive" documentary which will include "rare and compelling" KISS-related media submitted by the group's fans.

"I think we're at least halfway into it," Tommy told Niclas Müller-Hansen of Sweden's "The director is John Dorsey and he's done great things before. We've done interviews on camera and he's putting together a lot of historic footage and talking to a lot of different sources, including us and our archives. It's coming along. I've seen a little bit and I think it will be really exciting and really well done."

As for the fan-submitted material that will be included in the documentary, Thayer said: "I know some guys that are big collectors and there's this guy called Mark Cicchini, he's one of the 'Three Sides Of The Coin' [KISS] podcast guys and he's not only contributed material, but he also pointed John Dorsey in a lot of good directions as far as making contact with a lot of fans. We have a lot of great stuff in our archives for certain, but there's still a lot of other unique and rare stuff out there that we don't have. It's a matter of sourcing that stuff."

Tommy also talked about the recently announced KISS biopic, which is tentatively due in 2021. KISS manager Doc McGhee previously revealed that producer Mark Canton, who worked on the movie "300", is involved in the project.

"I think they've been working on it," Thayer told "I know less about that, to be honest with you. I know that it's in the works, but I don't think they've started filming anything yet, but there's definitely a lot of planning and that's about as much as I know."

The last concert of KISS's "End Of The Road" farewell tour will take place on July 17, 2021 in New York City.

"End Of The Road" kicked off in January 2019 in Vancouver and resumed on February 1, 2020 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

KISS's current lineup consists of original members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, alongside later band additions, Thayer (since 2002) and drummer Eric Singer (on and off since 1991).

Formed in 1973 by Stanley, Simmons, drummer Peter Criss and lead guitarist Ace Frehley, KISS staged its first "farewell" tour in 2000, the last to feature the group's original lineup.

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