KISS Issue Warning To Bootleggers: 'We Will Find You And We Will Take You Out'

April 27, 2005

The following message has been posted at the official KISS web site,

"Last August, the attorneys for KISS obtained an injunction against the sale of counterfeit KISS merchandise and seized bootleg videos of KISS concerts that were being offered for sale at a KISS Expo in North Carolina. Our attorneys (Ray Scott and William Randolph),following up on that seizure, obtained last week a permanent injunction against defendant Roy Damm and damages awarded to Kiss Catalog of $7,000,000, plus attorneys' fees.

"We hope that this judgment sends a clear message that KISS will not tolerate being ripped off by counterfeiters and bootleggers. This is also a rip-off of KISS fans who have a right to expect that when they spend their hard earned money for KISS merchandise and videos, they are getting high-quality, authorized KISS products. When you purchase bootleg videos, including bootleg DVDs marketed under the KissVision label, we ALL lose. This is our $7,000,000 warning to those who are selling counterfeit and bootleg KISS goods, that they risk the same fate as Roy Damm. We have directed the KISS attorneys to continue protecting KISS' rights as aggressively as allowed. No slaps on the wrist. We will find you and we will take you out."

(Thanks: Dave Conlon)

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