KISS Release 'Studded Paul Kiss Kondom'

September 28, 2002

Kiss Kondoms, a line of contraceptives with members KISS on the packaging, have just released the "Studded Paul Kiss Kondom", the second in the series of condoms made available online and through record stores and specialty gift shops near you.

The "Studded Paul Kiss Kondom" is a sequel to KISS' prior launch into the health market with the "Lubricated Tongue", which featured a head shot of bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons in full makeup, with his legendary tongue fully extended.

"Social responsibility is important to me, so if a Kiss Kondom encourages someone to use a condom to help prevent an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, I've helped," said Paul Stanley, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for KISS.

"Paul is a stud, something legions of our adoring fans have known for many years. Now more women will know what a `stud' he truly is," added Simmons.

The "Studded Paul" Kiss Kondom features a studded latex condom and images of Paul Stanley on the box and wrapper and is being launched in concert with the second issue of the Gene Simmons Tongue magazine.

Since coming on the scene 90 days ago, over 50,000 Kiss Kondoms have been sold. They are said to be the first-ever condom to display color photographic images of a person or licensed property on both the condom wrapper and on the box.

The brainchild of Simmons, the Kiss Kondoms are meant to provide an alternative to the clinical looking condoms sold in drug stores.

With expected sales of "hundreds of thousands of boxes," there is one more version in the works — "Love Gun Protection," an extra-strength condom with the entire band on the packaging.

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