KOBEAST To Enter Studio In December

October 25, 2003

KOBEAST, the solo project of Denmark-based guitarist/bassist Michael Kopietz (FROZEN SUN, PANZERCHRIST, 12 GAUGE),will enter Niflheim studio the first week of December to record eight songs of "brutal death metal in the vein of MALEVOLENT CREATION, MORBID ANGEL and DEICIDE." Completing the recording lineup during the sessions will be drummer Reno Kiilerich (FROZEN SUN, PANZERCHRIST, 12 GAUGE, VILE, EXMORTEM) and vocalist Søren "Azazel" Jensen (GRANHAMMER, IRONFIRE). Download KOBEAST's recent demo recordings in MP3 format: "Demonus" (mp3),"Masters Of Death" (mp3),"Beast" (mp3),"Birth, Breed, Die" (mp3) (feat. Reno Kiilerich on drums) and "Testonic" (mp3) (feat. Reno Kiilerich on drums).

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