KONKHRA To Remix New Album

August 6, 2002

Danish extreme metallers KONKHRA have posted the following update via the group's official web site at www.konkhra.com:

"OK, we did mix the [new] record but we are going to run it by again. There are a couple of leads that turned out a little low, and we want to make sure that everything is just right. From Tuesday the 6th and three days we will be running the mix again. Shortly there after there will be a couple of songs up on the site as mp3s.

"We are close to 4 months working in the studio this time which is the longest span for us, we are ready to get done. [Frontman] Anders [Lundemark] had to produce some other bands through the same period, so we had some time off during the sessions.

"On Friday the 9th, Anders will go to Stockholm do lend a helping hand to Italian band MERENDINE ATOMICHE and do the vocal parts for their song 'Revenge' [at] old time friend Tomas Skogsberg's Sunlight Studio.

"On the live note: many are asking when we are doing some shows again, and The first thing down the pipeline will probably be the shows in Greece with HOMO IRATUS, possibly in November. We won't be playing Denmark or any other country before then, since we want to get the record in stores before the live shows.

"As far as the label situation, we are talking to a few, but obviously no one has heard the record yet, and nothing will be decided before everybody had a fair chance to hear the album. We hope to release late fall, but that's not a sure thing."

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