KORN Frontman Shoots Fiancée For PLAYBOY

October 11, 2002

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has photographed his fiancée Deven, a former porn actress, for Playboy.

"There's nothing better than shooting your chick naked," Jonathan Davis told the magazine.

When Playboy.com approached the KORN singer about becoming their fifth celebrity photographer — joining the likes of hip-hop giant Nelly, Tommy Lee and DISTURBED's David Draiman — he readily agreed. His one condition: His model had to be his fiancée Deven instead of a Playmate.

Shot in Playboy's Santa Monica studio, the Davises created an album-worth of X-rated family photos that their future children should never see. "It was just her tits hanging out and a little bit of her ass crack," Jonathan told Playboy.com. "It was not that big of a deal."

Outfitted in a sheer orange negligee and, later, a see-through skimpy black bra and panties, Deven struck a variety of lurid poses, including doggy style on a satin sheet bed and sitting with her perfectly sculpted derriere hanging off a chair. "I thought that [pose] was particularly sexy," Deven said.

With hip-hop music blaring in the background, Jonathan mumbled suggestions to his paramour about how she should look ("Relax your mouth a little"). For the most part, though, our pinch-photographer let Deven do her thang. "I could get into this shit. I'm shooting my ol' lady," he said before motioning toward his 23-year old fiancée. "That's mine."

Jonathan confessed that had he done the shoot without Playboy.com's cooperation, the session would have taken on a much darker tone. "But it was for Playboy," he said, "and it was a typical background with a bed and picture and shit like that, you know what I mean?"

As cool as the rock star-porn star lifestyle is, Jonathan and his fiancée insisted that they'd gladly give up their day jobs for full-time Playboy gigs. "I've always liked Playboy," Deven said, "so anything to do with Playboy was fun. And because it was with my man, it made it even more fun."

"Fuck, yeah," Jonathan concurred. "I get to shoot for Playboy and I get to shoot my chick? That's fucking awesome."

To view a Quicktime Preview of the photo session, click here (warning: contains nudity).

In other KORN news, the band just completed a new video for "Alone I Break", which will be hitting commercial video outlets soon. It's the next single from the band's Untouchables album, which was certified platinum in July by the Recording Industry Association of America for sales of one million copies.

KORN are currently on the road as part of the Pop Sux! tour with DISTURBED and TRUST COMPANY.

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