KREATOR Complete Rough Versions Of Seven New Songs

March 15, 2004

The following update was posted at KREATOR's official web site:

"The songwriting process of the new KREATOR album is slowly but surely taking form! Those who've already heard some material describe it as complex, intense, fast, violent and melodic."

Commented KREATOR guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza: "Dear friends. Writing and arranging a new record is always exciting, interesting, painful and sometimes frustrating. Right now, we are producing demos, collecting ideas, [arranging] and [rearranging] stuff, listen[ing] to riffs, get[ting] excited about stuff and throw[ing] shit away. It's like doing a puzzle! We've got the rough versions of seven songs so far and the shit sounds fuckin' brutal! Be patient, as soon as there's more details, you'll read 'em here first!"

"If things work out, the cover artwork of the new record will be the realization of a long-planned project finally coming true!" continues the post on the band's web site.

"KREATOR's agents are currently booking selected venues around the globe, where the band will present their newly designed light and stage set in the end of the year. Details soon..."

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