KREATOR's MILLE PETROZZA Talks Politics: 'BUSH Is An Idiot'

October 30, 2002

KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza has publicly expressed his disapproval for the foreign policy of the Bush administration and the possibility of the U.S. waging war on Iraq.

"A lot of Americans [I spoke to] on [KREATOR's most recent U.S.] tour have told me that they don't agree with some things that Bush does," Petrozza told "It's really cool to see that. I think the majority of the people just follow this patriotic bullshit that is going on at the moment. They are proud to wear their flag or whatever. If that's all they identify with, in my opinion, that's really lame — it's like 'I don't have anything else but my stupid flag.' I don't think that the way Bush is handling things is the way they were meant to be handled. America stands for something else — not just this redneck dictator. He just tells people what to do and sends them to war. It's fucked up. I'm really anti-Bush. Even though I'm not from this country that's how I feel.

"I think the government is responsible to come up with other solutions besides violence. It's like caveman behavior… It works, too. It's just wrong though. I don't think the United States has ever stood for stupidity in the first place. The U.S. has always been a very progressive country, but what Bush projects to the rest of the world is very conservative. It's like this redneck fucking cowboy attitude.

When asked if Germans are more cognizant than Americans of not just blindly following political figures, given the country's history, Mille responded: "Maybe, but it's not just Germany that is against Bush — there are a lot of people in the US and people all over the world who don't believe in what he's doing. It's just obvious that you can't support such an idiot."

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