KRISIUN Prepare To Record "Deadly True Death Metal Album"

June 30, 2002

Brazilian death metal gods KRISIUN are tentatively scheduled to complete the songwriting sessions for their next studio album at the end of this year for a mid-2003 release through Century Media Records. According to a message posted via the group's official web site, "it's gonna be a deadly true death metal album which will try to capture the real aggressive, innovative and brutal essence of KRISIUN which was so unique awhile ago before many bands start to rip off [the group's] style and ideas." Says guitarist Moyses Kolesne: "The new album will be different from all the death metal band. It's not a promise to be the best or godly or shit—it's gonna be just KRISIUN on full aggression, power, and originality delivering the real death metal. After 12 years of touring and recording, we keep progressing and learning, and definitely much surprises will come from KRISIUN next time [around]. KRISIUN lives only for the most aggressive death metal, fuck the fake cheesy shit bands which claim to be the best, fuck gothic, fuck melodic, fuck trendy weak new metal. Death metal is war and vengeance."

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