KRISIUN: 'We Live For The Most Aggressive Death Metal'

February 20, 2003

Brazilian death metallers KRISIUN have begun recording their new album at Bebop 2 Studios in São Paulo with producer Pierre Rémillard (CRYPTOPSY, KATAKLYSM, GORGUTS). The as-yet-untitled follow-up to "Ageless Venomous" will include two instrumentals and possibly a cover version of VENOM's "In League With Satan".

Regarding the musical direction of the new album, guitarist Moysès Kolesne said: "After 12 years of touring and recording, we keep progressing and learning. KRISIUN lives only for the most aggressive death metal, fuck the fake cheesy shit bands which claim to be the best, fuck gothic, fuck melodic, fuck trendy weak new metal. Death metal is war and vengeance... The new album's gonna be just KRISIUN with full aggression, power, and originality delivering the real death metal..."

In other news, Kolesne is now the proud endorser of a custom Victory model Marco handcrafted guitar, developed by a renowned luthier from São Paulo, Brazil. States Moysès: "Marco guitars are awesome. Great sound, great look... it's different from all the other guitars I've played. For years I only played with American guitars like Jackson, ESP, B.C. Rich... Marco guitar definitely is on the same level or even superior to those companies. Also it's a Brazilian product which we proudly will show all over the world and prove we Brazilians are able to succeed and make great instruments."

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