KROKUS Singer Lays Down Vocals On New WARRIOR Album

October 1, 2003

KROKUS singer Marc Storace has finished laying down vocal tracks on the new WARRIOR album, tentatively due in early 2004.

"I'm finally back home from my two-week studio trip to L.A. and three-week tour of Europe with KROKUS and …. all went amazingly well!" Storace writes in an online post.

"15 Years Later / Los Angeles Revisited : Both Joe Floyd (WARRIOR's guitar player) and producer Warren Croyle turned out to be 'best soul buddies' and the three of us shared many intense creative moments together up to even our last late studio hour … of course paying regular trips to Ralph's for fresh groceries and sushi in between haha !

"We worked in dim lights to the sweet smell of incense and candlelight, as if time stood still!

"Only through the energy coming from the music and the use of 'pro-tools', of course, were we reminded of the pulsating everyday life outside the Silvercloud Studio walls.

"I felt free to effortlessly allow my senses to slip into the spirit of each individual song, with the most amazing results. This was a journey through some of my innermost emotions!

"My final destination here was not 'commercial exploitation'` but real honest expression of various human experiences depicted within the lyrics. The most tragic, touching or dramatic vocal climaxes with my each and every living singing breath.

"WARRIOR's high level of musicianship and the new WARRIOR songs, just like the last KROKUS studio album, 'Rock the Block', will definitely help satisfy the need in this world today for the return to the personal human touch and soulful craftsmanship."

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