KULT OV AZAZEL Begin Work On New Material

October 8, 2003

South Florida black metallers KULT OV AZAZEL have begun writing material for the follow-up to this year's "Oculus Infernum", tentatively due in late 2004. "There's no working title as of yet but songs written so far are 'And Earth is Filled With Violence', 'The Glorification of Evil' and 'An Eternity with Satan'," the band write on their web site. "We are planning a second attack with KRIEG which will be realized in 7" form, but there are no immediate plans for this. The split CD w/ OPERATION WINTER MIST & DECEIVERION, along with the vinyl release of 'Oculus Infernum', will not see release through Regimental Records. The split is canceled indefinitely and instead we are seeking another label to work together with on releasing 'Oculus Infernum' on gatefold LP. Labels interested in licensing/releasing this contact [email protected] Just released is 'Grandaevus Dæmonum' on cassette through GoatowaRex, limited to 500 copies. Also available are the new 'Oculus Infernum' t-shirt design and we have reprinted the 'Christfuck' t-shirts. Lastly we are down to the last few copies of the 'Order of the Fly' LP, 'Assaulting the Masses' LP, 'Triumph of Fire' LP and the KULT OV AZAZEL/SATAN'S BLOOD split 7"."

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