LAMB OF GOD Frontman 'Boycotting' GRAMMY AWARDS

February 10, 2007

Melissa Ruggieri of reports:

Chris Adler planned his special outfit for [Sunday night's] Grammy Awards a little more than a week ago "a patch for the hole in the butt of these jeans that I'm wearing right now."

Adler is the drummer for LAMB OF GOD, the Richmond-based heavy-metal quintet that landed alongside MINISTRY, SLAYER, STONE SOUR and MASTODON in the Best Metal Performance category for its whiplash-causing tune, "Redneck".

"We were totally baffled by [the nomination]," Adler says. "It's obviously flattering, but we thought maybe it was a mistake. The Grammys to us have always been our parents' show when we were kids. I would turn it off because it was that candy pop garbage I hated. But now to be nominated . . . I can see my relatives smiling."

On Friday, Adler made the trip to Los Angeles, where the band was to have made its national TV debut that night on Conan O'Brien's late-night show. Most of the rest of LAMB OF GODMark Morton, John Campbell and Willie Adler — expect to be in the Staples Center audience [Sunday night] as well. But singer Randy Blythe is staging a personal Grammy strike.

"Randy, in his own mind, is staying true to his rock roots and boycotting the show," Adler says. "He's been calling us sellouts in rehearsal. But we never asked for this. As long as we're creating the music we're happy with, what other people think is irrelevant. To me, it doesn't feel like we've sold out to anything."

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