LAMB OF GOD: 'Killadelphia' DVD Certified Platinum

September 4, 2007

LAMB OF GOD's "Killadelphia" DVD has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales in excess of 100,000 copies.

Released in June 2005 via Epic, "Killadelphia" consists primarily of footage filmed during the band's two performances at Philadelphia's Trocadero on October 16-17, 2004. Directing the shoot was Doug Spangenberg of High Roller Studios. Extras include hours of uncensored behind-the-scenes footage taken throughout the "Ashes of Wake" touring cycle.

LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randall Blythe stated about the DVD's success upon its gold certification back in August 2005: "I woulda never thought ten years ago that our antics would be seen by so many people. I hope the DVD is made out of real gold so I can hock it and buy a new lawn mower."

Added drummer Chris Adler: "In today's age of gimmicks, lies and faux reality trying to make celebrities out of everyone with a few dollars, it was important for us to not stage or hype up a damn thing — to simply show LAMB OF GOD on the road; the good times, the bad times and one hell of a show — and for that stripped down, no-holds-barred approach to be received this well certainly flatters us, but also continues to make a dent in the industry full of fakes and talentless image. It's nice to know that we didn't have to be anything other than ourselves to achieve such success with this DVD, but the real praise should go to our friends and fans who picked up 'Killadelphia' and in doing so have sent a message to the powers that be that we are sick of the over hyped, fake 'real world' being shoved down our throats — we are all ready for the honest, genuine bands and music to take center stage once again.

"As a band we are extremely humbled by this achievement — it's rare that a band like ourselves receives this honor. Again, we pass along the thanks and praise to those of you who picked up 'Killadelphia'. This is an accomplishment that we share with all of you. Thank you, congratulations and cheers!"

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