LED ZEPPELIN 'As Close As Ever' To Reuniting: JEFF PILSON

January 22, 2003

LED ZEPPELIN are "as close as they have ever been" to reuniting, according to former DOKKEN bassist Jeff Pilson, a close friend of Jason Bonham — son of late ZEPPELIN drummer John Bonham — who jammed with Jason briefly in an early incarnation of Jeff's current group L/P (also featuring ex-DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch).

"[George and I] jammed with Jason, and it was great," Pilson said in an interview posted on his official web site. "But the thing with Jason is that he has lots of stuff going on, and there are these constant LED ZEPPELIN rumors. The last time we spoke to him, he said that it is as close as it has ever been. He was going to meet with Jimmy Page, but just to talk. They talk anyways, because he is the representative from the Bonham side for the LED ZEPPELIN business. So they do talk a lot anyways, but we'll see. But I do hope that it happens for Jason, it would be wonderful, and as a fan I am looking forward to seeing a LED ZEPPELIN reunion."

In the same interview, Pilson offered his views on Axl Rose's version of GUNS N' ROSES and the new band formed by ex-GUNS N' ROSES members Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, claiming that he has heard some of the material recently written and recorded by the latter group. "I know someone that they are possibly interested in for a singer," Pilson said. "And I have to tell you what, the two songs I have heard are just killer. Absolutely killer. It is as close to the old GUNS 'N ROSES without sounding like a copy. The songs were very high-energy, sort of got the 'Appetite…' vibe to it. Of course, this is with the vocals that my friend put on the songs, and I have no idea who they will use as the singer for the project. As for Axl's GUNS 'N ROSES, who knows man?! I don't know what to make of it. I can't even begin to imagine what his business problems are like right now. Having a tour of that size cancelled. I am sure he has burned some bridges, and that may be detrimental to him down the road. But all of this could be instantly cured if he comes out with his record, and it is a hit. But who knows. I have not heard Axl's GUNS 'N ROSES record, but I have spoken with a lot of people who have heard it, and a lot of people say it is great. And I hope it is great. For starters he has to put the record out, but you know the problem is that the record will never live up to its hype at this point. Again, I do hope it is absolutely great. I think that GUNS 'N ROSES have always added an exciting yet dangerous element to the world of music. It is not the same to me, without the original band, but hey, maybe we will get two really great bands to listen to."

Read the whole interview here.

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