LEMMY Films Commercial For WALKERS Potato Chips

June 29, 2005

Kay Harrison of icThewharf has issued the following report:

MOTÖRHEAD wild man Lemmy spent a day snacking with Gary Lineker and lads mag favourite Lucy Pinder at West India Quay. The unlikely trio were in the area last Wednesday (June 22) to film a new Walkers crisp (potato chips) advert.

The singer, best known for heavy metal smash "Ace of Spades", was shot by camera crews on a motorbike outside Scuzi. He was then seen to snatch crisps from model Lucy, who was serving food from a trailer and wearing a tight, low-cut blue dress.

Lemmy took a break from filming in the sweltering heat to feed the fruit machine in Wetherspoon's. Drinking cola and chain smoking Marlborough reds, the 60-year-old rocker said: "Yeah, we're just doing this f****** crisp ad. We're just walking about eating lots of crisps. They're paying lots of money, else I wouldn't be doing it."

One surprised drinker said: "You wouldn't have thought the bloke from MOTÖRHEAD would be interested in winning £15 off a fruit machine."

Lineker, who has been the face of the crisp brand for 10 years, finished filming by noon, but Lemmy and Lucy continued well into the evening, spending hours and dozens of takes on each scene.

At one point, the director instructed Lucy to hide her heaving chest behind the crisp packets as Walkers were "a bit sensitive about cleavages."

The model was later told to give Lemmy, wearing tight black leggings, boots and black shirt ripped to the stomach, a "flirtatious look" over the food counter.

A worker on the set revealed Lemmy's starring role meant he would never have to pay for a packet of ready salted ever again. But after eight hours filming, the grizzled rock god might be passing on potatoes for some time.

MOTÖRHEAD are currently on the road as part of their 30th anniversary U.K. tour.

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