LEVEL-C To Guest On Tomorrow's 'Uncensored Net Noise'

July 31, 2008

Cleveland, Ohio-based all-female metal act LEVEL-C will guest on "Uncensored Net Noise" on this Friday night's (August 1) edition of the show beginning at 9:00 p.m. EST.

You can listen to the program live via the Internet at this location.

LEVEL-C will release its self-titled debut album on July 29 in the U.S. via Locomotive Records.

Founded in 2002, LEVEL-C was featured on the premiere of MTV's "Battle For Ozzfest", which aired continuously for several months. LEVEL-C placed in the top ten overall with its audition. While the group was not chosen for the show, it did, however, most definitely make its presence felt, not only for its talent, but also for being the only all-female band auditioning.

"Four years of continuous playing went into this album," explains guitarist Christina Crago. Drummer Misty Everson points out that each of the ten songs on "Level-C" went through a long incubation period. "All the songs on the album get an awesome response because we experimented a lot at live shows. We will step away from a song we're writing for a couple month and then go back to it, and we're like, 'What were we thinking?' or 'Let's expand on that more.'"

Crago puts a personal spin on the band's collective vision. "My mission for music is basically for the audience," she says. "I love guitar, I love music, and I love seeing fans dig our music and get away from their daily life with it. It's us giving them an outlet to forget about reality for a moment. Put us on in your car; forget about someone yelling at you at work."

"Level-C" track listing:

01. Ignite Us
02. Relax
03. Fly
04. No Control
05. Chain Reaction
06. Back To My
07. Blackout
08. Bully
09. Suck A Fist
10. Misery

Check out audio samples at www.myspace.com/levelc.

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