LIMP BIZKIT Cut Set Short At Manchester Apollo

September 6, 2003

Iain Hepburn of Manchester Online reviewed the LIMP BIZKIT concert at Manchester Apollo on Thursday (September 4). The band "left town to a chorus of disgruntled boos after doing a disappearing act that left the fake encore generation more than a tad upset when they declined to come back out after finishing their frenetic-but-spotty 75 minute set." Hepburn added that while they were performing, "[frontman Fred] Durst himself was a bundle of kinetic energy, feeding off the sweaty, charged atmosphere, starting his set balanced atop two massive bodyguards in the front row of the mosh pit, appearing suddenly in the circle, pulling fans on stage with him to act as cheerleaders for his Zebedee on crack performance.

"But all the flashiness and handshakes in the world won't disguise the aching gaps between songs as the skatepant clad showman wandered about the Manchester Apollo, leaving his guitarists and DJ to fill in the gaps.

"What samples of new album 'Results May Vary' the packed audience got to hear showed the band has made steps to evolve from its original nu-metal origins, although debuting track 'Gimme the Microphone' could well have come from any of their previous releases." Read more.

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