LIMP BIZKIT's FRED DURST: WES Never Wanted To Do Anything The Rest Of The Band Wanted To Do

June 3, 2002

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst recently addressed the subject of guitarist Wes Borland's departure from the group in an interview published in the premiere issue of Gene Simmons Tongue magazine. Here is Durst's response to a direct question about the reasons for Borland leaving the band:

"I put together this empire. And I want my brothers to go along with me, and we will all reign supreme together. But I produce the records, and market the band, and direct the videos. And Wes has another side to him that's more eclectic. He's very creative and very talented, a brilliant guy. I was the businessman, I took it all under control, did all the meetings, pushed myself and my band, and these guys just chilled. So it got to a point where he was always against the grain. He never wanted to do anything we wanted to do. He kept to himself. We had a dressing room, and he had his. There wasn't a 'Fred' dressing room. And he didn't really like anything we did activity-wise. He doesn't go to titty bars, doesn't hang out, doesn't party. And he's married, which is cool, but so are other people. And we're in a rock band, you know?

"We started writing this fourth record, and he just wasn't coming up with anything that any of us could feel. He became really obsessed with RADIOHEAD. And I am a huge RADIOHEAD fan. So he came in, and instead of playing a guitar, he brought in pianos and keyboards. Wes really wanted to go there. And we said OK, but anything that had a ring or a catch to it, he didn't want anything to do with it. He goes, 'I want to be underground.' For me, that's alienating a lot of people and it's not growing or maturing the music. So he just called up and quit. It was just like that."

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