Listen To New CRO-MAGS Single 'From The Grave' Feat. MOTÖRHEAD Guitarist PHIL CAMPBELL

October 11, 2019

Having just wrapped up a European headlining tour, CRO-MAGS have delivered a punishing new track of unchecked aggression, "From The Grave". Led by Harley Flanagan, the new song features guitar duties by legendary slinger Phil Campbell (MOTÖRHEAD, PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARDS),showcasing his work on lead and slide guitar. The three-song EP of the same name will be available on December 6 in limited quantities of clear with black smoke, solid yellow, clear orange and glow in the dark vinyl editions. The two additional songs are "PTSD" and an instrumental, "Between Wars".

Flanagan explains: "Lemmy [Kilmister, MOTÖRHEAD] came to me in a dream and said, 'Take it back, mate. It's yours; you started it' [referring to the band's name]. I woke up and I knew what had to be done, so I did it. And I figured since Lemmy gave me my marching orders, I should get his guitarist to play on a new track. Phil immediately said yes and that is why it's called 'From The Grave', and I'm so honored to have him on this song.

"I first met Phil when we toured with MOTÖRHEAD on the 'Orgasmatron' tour. He is one of my favorite guitarists of all time and I still can't believe I have him playing on one of my songs. Thank you, Phil, and thank you, Lemmy, for making this all happen!"

Campbell adds: "It was a great surprise to hear from Harley after so many years. We hung out a lot during the tour in the eighties. When I heard the track he wanted me to do, I just had to do it. Listen for yourselves!"

CRO-MAGS feature the legendary Flanagan pulling double duty with bass and lead vocals, guitarists Gabby Abularach, Rocky George (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, FISHBONE),and drummer Garry "G-Man" Sullivan.

Earlier this year the band released their first new music in nearly 20 years with the EP "Don't Give In".

The history of the CRO-MAGS is integral to the history of hardcore, its evolution from punk and the development of alternative music genres such as hardcore, cross-over, thrash metal, post punk and grunge, to name a few. Numerous iconic bands from METALLICA to GREEN DAY, and individuals such as Dave Grohl have credited CRO-MAGS with having had a primal influence on their development.

Born out of the violence and depravity of the Lower East Side of New York in the late '70s and early '80s, the CRO-MAGS was the brainchild of a very young Harley Flanagan (at the time 14 years old) when still playing with THE STIMULATORS. By 1982/83 he wrote and recorded the very first CRO-MAGS demos consisting of four songs that would become the blueprint for the seminal 1986 "Age Of Quarrel". He wrote all of the music, played each instrument and sang. Before long, he connected with Parris Mayhew and the two started writing music and auditioning band members.

Flanagan recently reached a settlement with singer John Joseph and drummer Mackie Jayson regarding ownership of the CRO-MAGS name. Flanagan will now perform under the name CRO-MAGS while Joseph and Jayson will perform as CRO-MAGS "JM".

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