Listen To New WILL HAVEN Song 'Winds Of Change'

February 28, 2018

"Winds Of Change", a new song from noise metal legends WILL HAVEN, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band's sixth full-length album, titled "Muerte" (Spanish for "death"),which will be released on March 23 via Minus Head Records.

WILL HAVEN guitarist Jeff Irwin states about "Winds Of Change": "This is probably my favorite song on the record. It was written somewhat early on and went through a lot of changes before we were ultimately happy with it. I envisioned something chaotic — that stress you might feel when you are about to die, and then I wanted the ending to be epic like you were floating away. So capturing that emotion took some time but I think we did it. It was a lot of fun to make… This was a breakthrough song for us, as far as what we can possibly do with our music."

The origins of WILL HAVEN can be traced back to 1995, when they first emerged as a staple in Sacramento, California's storied underground. For over two decades, they've existed on the fringe of extreme music — championing an apocalyptic amalgam of metal, noise, hardcore, and alternative all their own.

WILL HAVEN breathes entirely new life into its sound with "Muerte", taking notes from the past but incorporating modern tones to create a chaotic, haunting auditory attack.

"All said and done, we spent two years on this record," says Irwin. "We had more time than ever to fine tune the music. We really benefitted from that. We're also more in tune with who we are. It's the first time I walked away going, 'There's nothing else I could've done to make this better.'"

Spiral down into the heavy, atmospheric thickness of "Muerte" by sampling the the six-minute-plus epic "El Sol", co-written and performed with guest guitarist Stephen Carpenter of DEFTONES, below.

"If WILL HAVEN and DEFTONES had a kid, that's what it would sound like," Irwin says about "El Sol".

"I was in my first band with Stephen. This was really a family thing. While we were in the studio, he sent us an e-mail with an eight-minute song of all riffs. I added the spacey elements. Our vocalist, Grady, is reciting this famous poem about being kind to your fellow man and taking care of each other. Lyrically, it fits the times."

Throughout 2017, the members of WILL HAVEN secretly recorded "Muerte" at Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento with Joe Johnston engineering and co-producing alongside Irwin. They pieced together a corrosive, chaotic, and cohesive vision that never relents over its 11 tracks. Mastering was handled by Logan Mader (DEVIL YOU KNOW, FEAR FACTORY, PERIPHERY).

Irwin adds about recording "Muerte": "It felt like a rebirth. It sounds like a whole new band. There's a chemistry that only the four of us can achieve. Who knows what's next, but this is everything we were always meant to be on a record."

"Muerte" track listing:

01. Hewed With The Brand
02. Winds Of Change
03. Kinney
04. The Son
05. 43
06. No Escape (feat. Mike Scheidt of YOB)
07. Unit K
08. Ladwig No. 949
09. Bootstraps
10. Now In The Ashes
11. El Sol (feat. Stephen Carpenter)

WILL HAVEN will perform at four California shows and one Oregon show this spring, including a May run with FAKE FIGURES.


Grady Avenell - Vocals
Jeff Irwin - Guitar
Adrien Contreras - Bass
Mitch Wheeler - Drums

Photo credit: Rockin Ryan Richardson

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