LOSTPROPHETS' IAN WATKINS: 'We Just Want To Make A Great Rock Album'

October 1, 2002

LOSTPROPHETS frontman Ian Watkins has lashed out at critics who have labeled the sextet a nu-metal "boy band" and promised that the group aren't about to "sell out" on their second album.

"We grew up as punk kids with that DIY ethic," Watkins told Kerrang! magazine, “and now everyone thinks we're big corporate rock sell-outs. It's fucking ridiculous. Don't tell us what we are and what we're not.”

With regards to LOSTPROPHETS' second album, which the band are currently writing, Watkins said: "We just want to make a great rock album."

"We've never had the mentality of creating mindfuck grindcore," the singer notes. "And we like catchy songs anyway. It's not like we're DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. But we're not going to be trying to write hit singles or doing what the record company tells us. If what we come up with doesn't sell, so what?"

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