LOSTPROPHETS Singer Clarifies War Statement

March 22, 2003

LOSTPROPHETS singer Ian Watkins has issued a follow-up message clarifying his previous statement in which he accused most anti-war musicians of being more interested in publicity than politics.

"Radio 1 are kinda making more of an issue [of my comment] than it really was," Watkins writes on the band's official web site. "They didn't say it would be a news piece, we were just chatting. So thanks to them for that. All we were saying is that yeah, people can say what they want but it won't make a difference. And yes, there are some celebrities that have researched and are informed about the whole situation and reasons, but as far as we can tell the majority don't really know, and seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. Maybe we're wrong, and all those boy bands and pop idols have actually spent time with the facts, but I doubt it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and they can say whatever they want. We were never disputing that fact. Like I said, our point was that no matter who speaks out, it wont make a difference because the Bush and Blair are working to their own agenda. They obviously don't give a fuck."

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