July 11, 2002

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has been writing songs for SALIVA, TANTRIC, MEAT LOAF and FAITH HILL, and will shortly collaborate with DROWNING POOL and ORGY, according to MTV.com.

"I just think a great song is a great song," Sixx said. "I believe that GARTH BROOKS proved that a country artist can do a metal song, and the STONES proved that rock bands can have country. And we've seen rap and rock mix, so there's no use to just saying, 'I am a rock and roll songwriter.' I'm a songwriter, and if I look back on MÖTLEY CRÜE's career, I've written everything from punk rock to power pop to boogie rock to beautiful ballads."

As previously reported, Sixx has also written a song called "Let's Get It Together", which he had hoped would be considered for inclusion on the next BACKSTREET BOYS album, but which was eventually turned down by the teen-pop outfit, who felt it wasn't quite right for them.

"When I get together with DROWNING POOL I'll be really excited because I'll know that they have input in it," Sixx said. "When it's a song you write to sell to someone like MEAT LOAF or FAITH HILL, it could go to different artists and it wouldn't really matter. But I'm sure the song I write with DROWNING POOL isn't gonna end up on a BRITNEY SPEARS album."

Look for a Sixx co-penned cut entitled "Man of Steel" and two other tracks from the bassist to appear on the forthcoming MEAT LOAF CD. Also due shortly is Nikki's contribution to the new SALIVA album in the form of a cut called "Rest In Pieces", which Sixx has described as "not as heavy as SALIVA usually is, but it's got tons of hooks. It's very catchy, and I know Josey [Scott] will sing the shit out of it and the band will play the hell out of it."

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