MACHINE HEAD Frontman: 'The Bay Area Is Back On The Map'

MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn has issued the following update:

"The world loves that 'Bay Area Crunch'...GODDAMN!!!!

"I mean, fuckin' WOW!!!

"HOW 'BOUT IT?!?! The HEAD are the first Bay Area 'metal' band in the top ANYTHING in probably the last 10 friggin' years, let alone the top 12, 20, 30, 50 of the music charts across the world?!?! Howa-bout-it... The Bay is back on the map!

"#54 on the U.S. Billboard charts...?! That's the highest U.S. charting we've ever had by a long shot, and about 30% more sales than almost every other MACHINE HEAD record released in the U.S., including 'Burn My Eyes', 'The More Things Change', 'Supercharger' and 'Through the Ashes of Empires'. Everywhere else in the world, 'The Blackening' was hands-down our biggest first-week seller EVER... in the HISTORY of the band!! And to have the biggest first-week sales / highest chartings in the history of the friggin' band... in every country throughout the world... with no video being aired... no 'single' at radio... on our sixth friggin' album... which opens with a friggin' 10-1/2 minute song?!?! Well, dear HEAD-cases, life is pretty fuckin' sweet! And supposedly the record industry is in a slump?! Shiiiiit, all things considered, things in MACHINE HEAD-land are goin' pretty fuckin' good man. HEAD-cases, you motherfuckers went out there and made a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE statement to the world... seriously... I'm not gonna get too brainiac on it, whatever it is...WHAT - EVER it is...YOU - KICK - FUCKING - ASS!!! And don't stop now!! Keep spreading the word!!

"On a different note, for the 'collectors' out there, I was recently made aware of a couple of misprints on the first pressing of 'The Blackening'. On the U.S., international, and 'bonus' versions there is a small glitch on the cover, where somehow the two 'squiggles' on either side of the album title 'gained' a white patch under the bottom 'lip' of each squiggle... apparently a fuck-up by the film separator. All other art (stickers, shirts, posters, ads) have the correct art (if you wanna compare) and all future editions will have the correct cover art. In addition, but limited to just the U.S. version, a mastering credit didn't appear because of timing issues / art deadlines before that final mastering happened (done by the king Eddy Schreyer). All other international formats were able to include the correct mastering credit, however, so this will only need to be corrected for future pressings of the U.S. disc. All little shit no doubt, but cool stuff in case any of you are interested in that kinda stuff. As a collector dork myself, I can relate.

"'Aesthetics of Hate' video shoot turned out sweet, very 'community' heavy in theme, just a real raw, rugged, street video, very stoked to see the final edit.

"LAMB OF GOD tour is over... fuckin' crazy... tour went by SO fast, I can't believe it's been eight weeks!!! It was amazing, we couldn't have asked to have been on a better tour to set up what will no doubt be an incredible run for us. A loud ass 'Cheers, fuckers!' to the LAMB OF GOD camp and crew, the TRIVIUM's and GOJIRA's for making this one of the best tours we've EVER been a part of."


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