Magazine: BON SCOTT, OZZY, AXL ROSE Among Rock's Greatest Frontmen

June 10, 2004

According to AC/DC fan site Crabsody In Blue, late AC/DC singer Bon Scott has topped the list of 100 greatest frontmen published in the July 2004 issue of the U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine.

Top 10 greatest frontmen, according to Classic Rock magazine:

01. Bon Scott (AC/DC)
02. Freddie Mercury (QUEEN)
03. Robert Plant (LED ZEPPELIN)
04. Dave Lee Roth (VAN HALEN)
05. Steven Tyler (AEROSMITH)
06. Ozzy Osbourne (BLACK SABBATH)
07. Axl Rose (GUNS N' ROSES)
08. Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN)
09. Roger Daltrey (THE WHO)
10. Phil Lynott (THIN LIZZY)

Other notable frontmen listed:

11. Jim Morrison (THE DOORS)
16. Alex Harvey (SAHB)
25. Janis Joplin
32. Brian Johnson (AC/DC)
70. Dan McCafferty (NAZARETH)
81. Maggie Bell (STONE THE CROWS)
83. Angry Anderson (ROSE TATTOO)

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