MAIDEN, SABBATH, KISS, PURPLE Classics Receive Big-Band Treatement

October 19, 2010

Finnish heavy metal musician Jarkko Ahola (TERÄSBETONI, NORTHERN KINGS) has recorded a heavy-meets-jazz album with OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND, which organizes performances in cooperation with guest stars and conductors. Due on October 29, "Big Band Goes Heavy" contains "big-band" versions of classic songs from DIO, QUEEN, KISS, IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH, among others.

Commented Ahola: "The album is a cool mixture of mostly old heavy and hard rock songs arranged for a big band — a jazzy one. It's bravely mixed thinking today's standards of sound: no tuning, no effects, no super polishing — just the band and the vocals."

OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND & J. AHOLA - "Big Band Goes Heavy" track listing:

01. Easy Livin' (URIAH HEEP cover)
Arranged by: Vellu Halkosalmi

2. Stand Up And Shout (DIO cover)
Arranged by: Håkan Broström

03. Heart Of Steel (MANOWAR cover)
Arranged by: Peter Dahlgren

04. Show Must Go On (QUEEN cover)
Arranged by: Peter Dahlgren

05. Heaven And Hell (BLACK SABBATH cover)
Arranged by: Anders Niska

06. Long Live Rock'n'Roll (RAINBOW cover)
Arranged by: Esa Virkkula

07. Burn (DEEP PURPLE cover)
Arranged by: Håkan Broström

08. I Was Made For Lovin' You (KISS cover)
Arranged by: Sven Seebeck

09. Run To The Hills (IRON MAIDEN cover)
Arranged by: Tapio Maunuvaara

10. Vaadimme Metallia (TERÄSBETONI)
Arranged by: Vellu Halkosalmi

The track "Easy Livin'" is now available for streaming at this location.

The idea to make big-band versions of heavy metal and hard rock classics came from OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND and its artistic director, Tapio Maunuvaara. After inviting Ahola to take part in the project, they then selected a set of melodic songs and OULU ALL STAR BIG BAND hired various people to make the new arrangements of the songs for the big band.

The "Big Band Goes Heavy" repertoire has so far been performed live twice — on November 7, 2009 in Oulu, Finland; and on March 13, 2010 at the Oulu Music Festival. Video footage from last year's performance can be viewed below.

(Thanks: Melica / Night Elves)

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