MANDY LION Defends His PRINCE Cover: 'I Can't Please Everybody So I Won't Even Try'

March 31, 2008

Vocalist Mandy Lion (WWIII, WICKED ALLIANCE) who has just released the video for his cover version of PRINCE's "Kiss" (see clip below) has issued the following update:

"There have been a lot of questions about what song I chose to cover and why. Well, I could have done the obvious and re-done an old rock song or I could have done something a little different and rock a song that is outside the box so to speak. I chose the latter. Reason being that I love the artist who wrote the song and I thought that putting a completely different spin on a song that would otherwise never be heard in my genre of music would be more fun.

"I am glad to see most of you have reacted with great enthusiasm while some of you are slightly confused. Well, the way the song is arranged now it is something very close to what I do in the first place and quite frankly I had a great time doing this piece.

"Here is the funny part... Some guy was offended by my 'gyrations'...??? I swear that guy could not have been more angry at me if I had pissed in his soup! For some reason, I got him more frustrated than a pervert with palsy trying to draw a vagina on an etch a sketch.

"To this guy I have to say this... Some guys bang their heads, some guys run around onstage a lot, some guys jump a whole lot. I am sure that no matter what I do or don't do, there are some people who just won't like it. I can't please everybody so I won't even try. When I am onstage, I don't care what I look like or if anyone thinks whether I look 'cool' or not. I feel the music and I follow. Anything less or different would be posing and fake. If that offends you, then I am not your cup of tea... OK? I perform for those who like what I do. It would be a waste of anyone's time to try to please those who don't like what I do, don't you think? If I don't like someone or something I just ignore it.

"It always amazes me as to how personal some people take what other people do.

"I am not here to offend people. I am here to live my life my way until my time is up... Life is too short to worry about things you do not like. Just live, let live and have fun doing it.

"I hope I didn't ruin your day with my 'gyrations'...???"

Lion recently collaborated with music producer Mickey James (of CRISS ANGEL fame) on the next MANDY LION album, to be released later in the year.

Mandy Lion is currently working on a full-length DVD containing videos, live footage, and interviews with all past and present musical partners, including the likes of George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB),Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH, DIO),Jimmy Bain (RAINBOW, DIO),Jake E. Lee (OZZY OSBOURNE, BADLANDS),James Kottak (SCORPIONS) and Mikkey Dee (KING DIAMOND, MOTRHEAD),among others. He is also planning on featuring video submissions from fans explaining in their "best, funniest, naughtiest, most outrageous and most creative ways" how or why they like Lion's music. Says Mandy, "Or you can tell me how you discovered me, what you would like to say if we met in person. Or just anything that comes to mind as long as it is entertaining and unique. The funniest, sexiest, most creative videos will be included on the upcoming DVD."

WWIII's first album in 12 years, "When God Turned Away", was released in 2003. The CD featured Lion, co-producer Joe Floyd on guitar, Geezer Montez on bass and Sledge on drums.

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