MARDUK: New MP3 Posted Online

February 16, 2003

Sweden's MARDUK have posted a full-length MP3 of the track "Night Of The Long Knives" at this location. "Night Of The Long Knives" comes off the group's forthcoming "World Funeral" CD, due in Europe on Feb. 24 through the group's own Blooddawn Productions. A U.S. release date has yet to be determined. A single containing one track from the album, "Hearse", and a cover of the POSSESSED classic "Phantasm" has just been issued in Europe. According to the band's official web site, MARDUK will not be adding any more European tour dates "with the exception of one or two more festival shows! This will be the last MARDUK European tour for a long time since the band plans to tour other parts of the world and then concentrate on new material." Meanwhile, guitarist Morgan Håkansson recently told Denmark's Metal Reference that the group "have sufficient material for two new studio albums. And on the upcoming tour in Europe, we'll record a DVD . . . We don't record one album every day but almost. I can't figure out how bands manage to give it six years between every single album, like MANOWAR or DEF LEPPARD. It takes them a thousand years to release a new album. I always work on new material." With regards to the upcoming DVD, Håkansson said, we'll [include] a complete concert and several other live outtakes but also some backstage scenes. A description of tour life in general. I think SATYRICON's road movie was extremely boring… as there were hardly any live scenes." Read the whole interview here.

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