MARILYN MANSON: Collaboration With KORN's Davis "Just A Rumor"

February 7, 2002

MARILYN MANSON has posted the following journal entry via the group's official web site at

I'm not in the studio today, so I am painting a picture that is inspired by a recent magic show that I attended.

In the world of DVD's, ours is being finished despite delays. The disc itself will contain much more than the concert pay-per-view which is being rescheduled. The DVD goes like this:

and so on.

I'm seeing [KORN frontman] Jonathan Davis this week but there was never a definite collaboration, just a rumor. We had a good time working together again.

This journal will indeed be filled with video entries and still photos in the future. But for now I think I've said enough. I'm back to work.


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