MARILYN MANSON Is Worried About The Psychological Impact Of Quarantine

September 8, 2020

In a new interview with Consequence Of Sound, Marilyn Manson spoke about how the coronavirus pandemic has been handled and its effect on society. He said: "It's somewhat terrifying to actually think about, in a way, that I suppose our parents and their parents have been through much harder tribulations and trials in life, from wars to financial depression and other illnesses that have destroyed many parts of the world and different countries, not just ours. For me, it's a beam of hope that possibly if we all stopped concerning ourselves with focusing on negative elements of our culture, in general as Americans, we can try to come together as much as possible. I don't mean to sound like John Lennon, just the concept that if any time, people of different cultures and different lifestyles and different ages and personalities and sex and race and whatever the case might be, even religion, now would be the time to … at least agree that we all need to try to save this together.

"And if anything that I did on a record contributes to anyone's personal mental health and happiness in some way, [that would be good], because I think that's a concern that really worries me is that being locked up in a house for so long can really weigh on somebody's mental health," he continued. "And that's something that I've struggled with throughout my life. And, coming from [someone with] a mother who had schizophrenia and things like that, that was undiagnosed for so many years, it's gotta be really trying for people who can't get the type of proper support and attention that they might need from their family or from healthcare people. I guess that's about as political or possibly any type of intelligent response to that that I can offer, if that makes any sense, for me at least, as an observer and as a participant, as well."

Marilyn Manson will release his eleventh studio album, "We Are Chaos", on September 11 Via Loma Vista Recordings. Produced by Grammy Award winner Shooter Jennings (Brandi Carlile, Tanya Tucker) and Manson, the ten-track opus was written, recorded, and finished before a pandemic blanketed us all. Manson's painting Infinite Darkness, which can be seen on the album cover, was specifically created to accompany the music.

"We Are Chaos" is the follow up to Manson's 2017 album, "Heaven Upside Down", which marked his seventh consecutive Top 10 debut on the album charts.

Manson continues to infiltrate fashion, film, and music, leaving his fingerprints on modern culture. Saint Laurent tapped him for a campaign, Travis Scott personally invited him to perform at the sold-out Astroworld festival, GQ named him one of the most fashionable men of 2019, he appeared as an actor in everything from "Sons Of Anarchy" to "American Gods" to "The New Pope", and also co-headlined several "Twins Of Evil" tours with Rob Zombie.

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