MARILYN MANSON's Fiancée Branded 'Stripper' Dating 'Freak'

November 11, 2005 has issued the following report:

Marilyn Manson's fiancée Dita Von Teese threw a massive temper tantrum after a DJ branded her a "stripper" who is dating a "freak". The burlesque dancer had been due to perform one of her sexy routines in a giant martini glass at an exclusive New York party held after the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

But Dita refused to put on her show after record spinner D.J. Juske announced her as a "stripper attached to a freak". When the beautiful brunette failed to appear, Juske then further infuriated her by chanting for her to "get the f**k on the stage".

According to reports, Dita was furious with the comments and told organizers there was no way she would perform, according to the New York Post. However, the sexy star, who is due to marry Manson in a gothic themed ceremony this December, was eventually talked into going on stage after the event's producer apologized profusely for Juske's "lack of respect."

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