MAX CAVALERA 'Feels Proud' While Performing Classic SEPULTURA Songs

November 2, 2014

In a brand new interview with The Vinyl District, former SEPULTURA and current SOULFLY frontman Max Cavalera was asked if he still feels pride and a sense of accomplishment when he performs old SEPULTURA songs, or if it scratches open an old wound. "No, I feel proud, especially when we do it with CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, because it's got me and [former SEPULTURA drummer and Max's brother] Igor [Cavalera]," he said. "Two people who were involved in the original version of the songs."

He continued: "This last [CAVALERA CONSPIRACY] South American tour, we did a lot of cool stuff. We did a medley of 'Beneath The Remains', we did 'Desperate Cry'. In Belo, we played 'Necromancer' with Jairo [former SEPULTURA guitarist] playing guitar, which was really cool.

"It's fun, and what I love about the CAVALERA stuff, it it's just as powerful as the SEPULTURA stuff. When we play 'Inflikted' and 'Sanctuary' and 'Killing Inside', it was as brutal and as loud, the singing was as loud as the SEPULTURA songs. For me, that was a victory right there. It shows what we are doing is relevant to what we did, and we should keep going. We're on the right track."

Max also spoke about SEPULTURA's beginnings and whether it was tough for the band to break out of the Brazilian scene and become known around the world. "Yeah, it was tough," he said. "In fact, when we first started, nobody even really liked us. There were really only a few people who cared for what we were doing. For a long time, it was like that. It was us against the world. Little by little, we got better with time.

"We could never imagine that we could tour the world, do books, and have fans all over the world. That's really quite amazing, coming from where I came from. It's really impressive as hell, and it's really, really cool. I thank the fans every day for that. It made my dream come true.

"When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was live for music and not have to have another job. Just do music, live for the music. I do that now, and it's great. I just want to give back to the fans through the music. Don't let them down in whatever I'm doing. I keep trying to make good records all the time."

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