MEAT LOAF Provokes NIKKI SIXX In Daughter Rant

January 30, 2005 is reporting that rocker MEAT LOAF reduced a MÖTLEY CRÜE after-show party to silence when he blasted bassist Nikki Sixx in a row over his daughter's raunchy stage attire.

The "Bat Out of Hell" veteran allowed his daughter Pearl Aday (currently engaged to ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian) to tour with the raucous heavy metal band in 2000 on the "Maximum Rock" tour, but he flew into a rage when he witnessed her scantily-clad live appearance.

However, much to the relief of stunned onlookers — and wildman bassist Sixx — the charismatic 53-year-old's rant was purely for his own amusement.

He says, "During the tour I went along to see the show one night. When she first appeared, I remember, she had her back to the audience.

"But I could see that all she was wearing was a cowboy hat, a bikini top and a G-string. Afterwards, I went up to Nikki Sixx, the [bassist] of MÖTLEY CRÜE, and in a real serious, loud voice I said: 'Hey Nikki, I wanna talk to you about what my daughter was wearing — now!' Nikki replied: 'I had nothing to do with what your daughter wore.'

"There was a silence, and then everybody knew I wasn't serious and started laughing. But for a few seconds I scared the hell out of him."

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