MEGADETH Bassist Comments On KEVIN DUBROW's Passing

November 30, 2007

MEGADETH bassist James Lomenzo has issued the following update:

"My head's still reeling from the fantastic Pac-Rim Tour-O-Duty. What a great surprise to see the enthusiasm of all the crowds from Thailand through to Japan and then on to Gigantour Australia. I was particularly impressed with the turnout in Singapore and Korea. Definitely the best part of my job is to see new places and meet new fans and on both counts, I was not disappointed. Metal is alive and well all over the world!

"To our Japanese fans, thanks for the hospitality, me and the boys had a great time at hangin' and bangin' with our friends at the clubs. A big shout-out to our new friends from our Aussie Gigantour... STATIC-X, DEVILDRIVER, LACUNA COIL and BRING ME THE HORIZON; you guys really made it a great show and a great hang. Hell... I'd pay money to see this lineup of bands anytime!

"Recently someone wrote in to my musicians' thread and asked if I had any comment on the passing of Kevin DuBrow. Here's what I wrote: I met Kevin many years ago in the mid-'90s. I was considering playing with QUIET RIOT so I went down to a rehearsal to jam. Kevin surprised me. He was gracious, kind and I was blown away by the power and tone of his voice in the room. I'd heard all the stories but for me, he seemed like he really had it together that night. I'm glad to say that I have a very found memory of him and I'm glad I had that opportunity to meet and make music with him. I know he'll be missed."

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