MEGADETH Bassist JAMES MACDONOUGH Reports On Australian Tour

April 22, 2005

MEGADETH bassist James MacDonough has posted the following message to the "Forums" sections of the band's official web site:

"Greetings all!!! Sorry it's been a while, isn't that the way a lot of these posts start? I had to gather all my thoughts for the proper synopsis of my experience in the wonderful land Down Under.

"First off, the weather was perfect, around 78 Fahrenheit during the day, cooling off at night with a good breeze all the time. I wore shorts the whole time I was there. I had some of the best gourmet pizza right across the street from the hotel with the guys on our first afternoon in Queensland. Later that evening, Red and I stumbled across an Irish pub a few blocks away and had some of the best stew I've ever tasted. I met the Souse' Chef and his assistant, Craig and Casper for some great conversation and a couple VB's, a popular beer of choice. Whenever I'm able, I like to meet the chefs and thank them and these guys were awesome. I worked in the culinary field for years and was a Souse' chef myself for a short time. That night upon arriving in my room Suzy calls me and says we have appointments for tattoos at ten in the morning, so that was a great surprise. Up bright and early we set off for the store where we met Big Mick and Little Mick. Little Mick tattooed Suzy and Dax while Big Mick tattooed me. There are pics of this which will be uploaded shortly. The guys did an awesome job.

"Suze had work to do so Dax and I took off with his buddy Jamie Cook, who is a native, and showed us some very interesting things. Jamie took us first to a graveyard called 'Toowong Cemetery'. I think it's one of the oldest in the country, it really is a beautiful place, acres and acres of rolling hills and impressive artistry. Next stop was 'Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary'. Ever since Warrel Dane (NEVERMORE, SANCTUARY) told me about feeding the kangaroos I've been dying to see them. There will be a lot of pics of this visit. I got a close up of the claws of this one alpha male next to my fingers, which gives a good perspective. They could gut you with the quickness. I was told that the Reds are the aggressive ones and they don't even try to domesticate them for sanctuaries. The Wallabies were like miniature roos. We were surprised and delighted how approachable they all were, guess it's not surprising when you have a hand full of food. I also have a couple small video clips that might make their way on the site. OK, yes, I had to do it. I had a pic taken holding a Koala, I knew my family would appreciate it so don't razz me too hard.

"The show that night was a steamer, for crowd and band alike, it was like an oven and I was worrying about the kids up front. The crowd was great and we laid it out thick being as we couldn't play for four days but it took a toll on us. I like em a little hot anyway, feels like a sauna but it's metal baby!

"Off to Sydney, another beautiful day and a huge in-store signing. Tons of kids were there and a good time had by all, all the while sipping on Starbucks to stay awake. We skipped sound check that night for a couple reasons, one — being sleep was a definite must, two — our crew is that good. Personally that show was my best since I started with MEGADETH, I was really happy with the whole performance and the crowd was just lunatic. It's so easy to have a good time on stage with fans like you guys. There were quite a few people at the M&G and I got to meet a lot of really cool Droogs, one that sticks out is a little guy named Damon. I guess he's about 7 or 8 but he and his pop were hanging out and Damon was telling me how he liked to design guitars and that he wanted to play but his hands were too small. You can't ask for anything more, fans of all ages.

"Off to Melbourne, same thing, check into the hotel and right off to the in-store signing where there were a few hundred waiting to chat. Thanks to the guys who brought us the personalized Droogie shirts and Dimebag memorial shirts. That was very kind of you.

"OK, this show was off the wall too, it's like they've been starving for some good metal and Godzilla just came to town. Ok, sometimes' my analogies work and sometimes you need goggles to understand them but there it is. It was as crazy or better than the previous night.

"A big thanks to Mel & Harry for their hospitality at the M&G. It was so much fun meeting all the Aussie fans and my only regret is not being able to stay longer.

"The pic section will have a first installment of pics from me and when they send theirs to MegaDave there will be new folders. I hope you enjoy the pics.

"I almost forgot, one night in Brisbane Red, Dave and I went to a little place called KumQuats. Laugh all you want, it's an Australian delicacy restaurant. I had crocodile for an appetizer and yes, Dave DID eat some. We all tried this sampler of wallaby and roo. I have to say that it's the gamiest thing I've ever tasted, very strong and pungent to the taste buds. I have a big thumbs down on eating macropods now.

"I'm very excited about the upcoming festivals and of course 'the Gigantour'. What an extreme pleasure this will be."

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