MEGADETH Drummer Is Looking Forward To Hitting The Road

November 9, 2009

MEGADETH drummer Shawn Drover has issued the following update:

"Needless to say here that I am looking forward to this American tour leg, especially around this time of year, as I am hoping to see some snow (though I am not certain 'where' or 'if' I will see any).

"Ya, I know some of you are shaking your little metal heads in non-approval, but hey, living here in Atlanta (and being a frost-bitten Canadian boy),I have to say I do miss seeing the snow during the winter months, so hopefully I will see a decent amount.

"I was just talking to Willie Gee [MEGADETH's guitar tech] about during our 2004 North American tour we did with our friends in EXODUS around this time of year. We were stranded en route to Denver for about 12 hours at a truck stop due to a massive blizzard in the Denver area, the first blizzard blast I had seen in a long while at that point.

"As well, I always enjoy sharing a stage with my friends in MACHINE HEAD, so it will be good seeing them once again on this tour leg.

"Of course, all of us were saddened to hear that Tom Araya [SLAYER] had to undergo back surgery, and thus, we had to put the 'Canadian Carnage' shows [with SLAYER] on hold for a bit. We all wish Tom a super-speedy recovery and the best of health. Look for new info pertaining to these 'Canadian Carnage' shows in the not-too-distant future.

"I have been submitting a lot of music for our 'Megadeth Radio' station, and although really we have just begun with this station, it really has been fun for me. There is so much cool music that is never played on normal rock radio (which is the main reason I really don't listen to it anymore),having control over our own radio station does put a smile on my face. I put it on yesterday morning and heard 'Zero Tolerance' by DEATH (which is one of my all-time favorite metal bands — hands down) and I did think to myself 'this does NOT suck!!' Actually, I need to talk to Dave [Mustaine; MEGADETH mainman] about putting more DEATH tunes on our station (and maybe some SUFFOCATION, too — heh).

"Other than this, I am enjoying time at home with my family before we hit the 'Killing Road'."

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