MEGADETH Mainman Checks In From Dublin

January 31, 2005

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"Well, we made it here [to Dublin for European tour rehearsals] without a hitch and Shawn [Drover, drums] got delayed for hours because he shot his mouth off about how he had a direct flight and we all had to connect. That'll learn ya!

"So, John, Lance, and I went for a walk early Sunday morning in the Irish mist, and naturally I now have a cold; I am over my jet lag, but my nose it bleeding and I feel sick. Don't worry though . . . most bugs that enter my body die!

"I am in an Internet cafe down the street from the hotel we are staying at and the crew is loading in for one night of pre-production before the tour starts. I would love to invite everyone down to witness the work before the concert but I know that it is not a good idea, 'cuz I will just yak all night and not do anything.

"I had a real good chat last night with my Drover boys and as so grateful for the attitude and professionalism. They stated a bunch of things that they would like to see and do to make things even better, and jeez, what a great feeling to have people putting in for a change instead of taking out.

"I talked with Michael Sarna before we left about the video and begged him to do something about the mismatched hair color, but he assured me I am overreacting. I hope he's right. Maybe we can put up a still and you can tell us what you think.

"Now, two 'Full-On' Irish Breakfasts later I think I have already put back on all the body fat I lost over the break, so I am going to cool it with the grub for now so I don't look like 'you know who.'

"I would like to thank the guys at Rockmace for taking such good care of James [MacDonough, bass] over the years, and congratulations to your future. The decision to play ESP was James' and I am very happy that he believes in ESP as much as Glen and I do. In fact, I would be really pumped to see some photos of everyone who owns a DV8, DV8R, DV200, or an AXXION. Maybe I can convince our beloved webmaster to create a Signature Guitar Club page.

"My apologies for taking so long to sign all of the photos that go out in the fan club packages. I have been up to my eyeballs in getting sued, moving, going to NAMM, transporting my horses to Cali, and preparing for this trip, not to mention putting the final touches on the DVD of all the videos and great film stuff, as well as starting the preliminary talks of the official greatest-hits record (which I would like your help in choosing).

"We are going to start putting the pieces together for my next record, whatever/whenever that will be on this tour, so press yer ear to the doors and walls. You may just hear the next 'Blackmail the Universe' or 'Kill the King' at a sound check.

"Lastly, when I recommend something for someone, it is not for everyone. Please don't think that your amazing uniqueness is taken for granted by me. If we meet and I get to know you, and you ask me for some advice, there is no telling what I am going to tell you to do, think, act, or read. I love each one of you for who you are, and would never treat you as though you were all the same, although I do treat you all as equals and have the same affection and gratitude for your continued support.

"This will be a great time in my life to spend with my band and you. Let's make the best of it. And the answer to where I am taking the boys was St. Andrews. I will not be looking for Tiger's balls however.

"Let's go already!!!"

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