February 4, 2006

Contrary to the popular belief that he is still holding a grudge against some of his former bandmates, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine claims that he is "over the feuds" with METALLICA and other former collaborators, including bassist David Ellefson. Commenting on the perception that he comes off looking bitter in interviews, Mustaine said in a February 4, 2006 online posting, "I said it before, [and] I'll say it again: I once was resentful, but now I am over the feuds with METALLICA, Ellefson, whomever. I have actually met with Ellefson one-on-one for dinner last year around [Christmas] to just clear the air and let him know I have no hard feelings and wanted to remain friends with him. We have talked on the phone numerous times since."

Mustaine sued Ellefson last July for allegedly using the MEGADETH name without permission in an advertisement for musical equipment. The suit claimed he and Ellefson entered into a settlement agreement in February 2005 that restricted the bassist's use of the band name. Ellefson sued Mustaine in July 2004 alleging that Ellefson was entitled to a greater share of the band's profits than he was paid. A U.S. District judge ruled in January 2005 that Ellefson had no valid claims against MEGADETH, Dave Mustaine or anyone else, holding that Ellefson had entered into a valid settlement agreement with the band in May 2004, and released all of his claims in that agreement. Ellefson alleged in his suit that the settlement agreement was unenforceable — a claim the federal court soundly rejected.

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