MEGADETH: Video Footage Of Manila Press Conference

August 2, 2012

On Saturday, July 28, the four members of MEGADETH held a press conference at Sofitel in Manila, Philippines — one day prior to their concert at the city's World Trade Center. You can now watch video footage of the question-and-answer session below.

On his mindset when on tour:

David Ellefson (bass): "We actually like the experience of just being here. We like to be in the moment when we're touring. Besides, it's never the same with what you read and then you see the people in 3D."

On how many albums MEGADETH has left in them:

Dave Mustaine (guitar, vocals): "I think we'll stay on the Bruce Springsteen side of the stream with making albums. We'll be fighting, as long as we keep looking like Bruce. But if we start looking like Keith [Richards, of THE ROLLING STONES] then it's time to go home."

On the lyrical inspiration for MEGADETH's forthcoming album:

Dave Mustaine: "[It's mostly about] Just life experiences and getting together as musicians. There's just so many things happening in the world whether I watch it on TV or read it in a newspaper and I'll say, 'Hey I'll write a song about that,' and start on it. And then something else will come up and, 'Oh, I'll write a song about that, too.' The lyrics are a little difficult to write because I kind of raise the bar for myself with them. For sure, though, you can [count] on [the next album] to be totally heavy."

MEGADETH's concert in Manila was presented by PULP Live Productions and Colt 45. Just like the band's performance, Colt 45 captures the same adrenaline-pumping experience with its all-new formulation that features a combination of outstanding beer hops such as magnum for flavor, hallertau for aroma, and nugget to balance it all out.

"We are very proud and excited to bring in one of the world's greatest heavy metal acts," said Asia Brewery Beer Marketing Manager Greg Anonas. "Just like their gritty, hard rock sound, Colt 45 ushers in a bolder drinking experience with its new formulation that combines superior strength, taste, aroma and balance. It's an experience that can only come from the country's first premium roasted malt and triple hops-brewed beer."

Press conference:

Behind the scenes (posted by David Ellefson):

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