MESHUGGAH Complete Work On "Nothing", August Release Expected

June 26, 2002

MESHUGGAH have completed work on their long-awaited new CD, entitled Nothing, for an August release through Nuclear Blast Records. The group's first disc of new material since 1998's Chaosphere was produced by the band at Dug-Out Studios in Uppsala, Sweden, and at their home studio just outside Stockholm.

According to MESHUGGAH's webmaster, "the track known as 'Assembly' has been removed, because the song didn't 'feel complete', as the band put it. We'll probably see it in a future release though, as parts of it are REALLY cool.

"The multimedia too is done, all the stuff started go through the mastering process at 12:00 today, and will be sent by express mail to production, this all to make it available in your store in August (as previously stated). Now the band will go on tour at Ozzfest in the USA for two months, however whether any of the new material actually will be played there is still uncertain. [Drummer] Tomas wishes so, and I believe the entire band does too, there's just not been enough time to rehearse the new songs, and unless they can rent a place over there and rehearse them together, we will probably not hear the new album stuff out just yet.

"The cover artwork is complete, no lyrics or text information will be available on either the sleeves, or such, the only thing available will be the song titles in the correct order (of course). All important information will however be available on the multimedia (such as lyrics, sponsors, gear, and thanks-list)."

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