MESHUGGAH: New Album Tentatively Due In September

March 13, 2007

Swedish experimental extreme metallers MESHUGGAH have posted the following message on their official web site:

"Yup, it's us again already!! (Oh, that soon!? - you think) We know you guys think we update this site way too often and that our continous 'super-flux' of information is a bit too much for all y'all to handle!!

"Well, here's yet another little tidbit for your over-full mouths and minds to nibble on:

"As you've already read and/or heard from other places than the source from where, in a perfect world, you should have heard it (i.e. this site) that we're writing for coming album and we're just about to start recording!

"This album will rock your flee-ridden socks off! (that is - if you let it) We're aiming at a fall release, hopefully September!

"Doing some Euro/Scandinavian festivals this summer, starting late June through August, so check the tour schedule over the next few weeks as dates will be posted there!

"Vic Firth has released a Tomas Haake signature stick! It should be readily available in stores, at least in the U.S! If it's not available at your local store in Europe yet, it will be within the next few weeks/months! It's fairly big stick, but really well balanced! So all you guys who play like 5B/2B or bigger size sticks should check these babies out!!"

Revolver magazine (web site) reported in January that MESHUGGAH is returning on its next album to the pummeling double bass drums and angular riffage that defined their early material to sculpt what they say will be their most savage, eclectic offering yet. "We've got some fast, intense songs and hectic, heavy stuff that draws from all the things we've done in the past," said drummer Tomas Haake. "It's so great to actually be playing drums again."

The band members started writing last August and are said to be working on more than a dozen new tunes. To some extent, the tone of the music was motivated by the four months MESHUGGAH spent last year rerecording guitars for the Halloween re-release of their 2002 album, "Nothing". "It was great to revisit that super-heavy stuff," Haake told Revolver. "While we were doing it, we found new ways of playing guitar that give the music a really scary tone. That's going to make this record sound more brutal."

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