'Metal History': The Story Is About To Be Filmed

July 28, 2004

The feature-length documentary "Metal: A Headbanger's History", to be released by Sanctuary Records in 2005, will begin filming July 30 in Oslo, Norway. The film will take us on a global journey to understand the meaning of metal and its impact on society over the past 35 years. Interviews with musicians, fans, metal experts and detractors combined with rare stock footage will lead the viewer through the rich world of metal's exhilarating musical highs as well as its shocking controversial lows. This film will give us a unique insight into this often-misunderstood art form and will be seen as its definitive documentary for years to come.

In the words of the film's writer/creator Sam Dunn, "Heavy metal is one of the most important cultural movements to emerge in last 40 years. I thought it was about time that someone gave metal the thoughtful, in-depth treatment it has long deserved."

Banger Productions, the film's producers, are also putting out the call to metal's super-fans from around the world in hopes of featuring them in the film. They are inviting fans to contact them with pictures and emails telling them why they you should be the ones to be interviewed. They are also looking for information on metal concerts, DJ nights and underground record stores in the locations they will be filming.

The filming schedule is as follows:

Oslo, Norway - July 30-August 1
Bergen, Norway - August 2-3
Wacken Festival, Germany - August 4-8
London, England - August 9-13
Ottawa, Canada August 18
Montreal, Canada August 19-21
Toronto, Canada September 6-10
New York, USA September 15-19
Los Angeles California September 20-25

The production is also seeking unique and rare video footage of anything metal-related: (1) footage of significant metal concerts, (2) interview footage with metal's key artists, (3) landmark events in metal's history (censorship trials, riots, etc.),and (4) footage of metal fans congregating, or being interviewed, at various points in
history — from the early 70s to the present.

All inquiries and contributions are welcome:

Contact Information:

Banger Productions:
[email protected]

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