METALLICA Drummer Settles Lawsuit Brought By His Former Personal Assistant

November 12, 2011

According to the Marin Independent Journal, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has settled a lawsuit brought by his former personal assistant Steven Wiig for what Wiig said was years of unpaid overtime. Wiig, 38, filed a lawsuit in February claiming that he was employed by Ulrich from 2001 to 2009, sometimes working up to 70 hours a week while Ulrich was at home and up to 80 hours a week while METALLICA was on tour. Wiig said he worked as Ulrich's chauffeur, managed his art collection, arranged scheduling and performed numerous other tasks and errands on request. Wiig said he was paid $45,000 a year and had an oral agreement for annual bonuses.

Peter Paterno, an attorney for Ulrich in Los Angeles, said that Wiig was significantly understating his compensation. According to Paterno, Wiig was paid $110,000 a year before bonuses, plus free rent and car.

Wiig (a.k.a. Swiiglor) is the drummer for PAPA WHEELIE, the "stoner punk metal" crew which also includes former METALLICA/VOIVOD bassist Jason Newsted (a.k.a. Jaylor) on guitar/vocals.

Read more from Marin Independent Journal.

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