METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett's KHDK Electronics has unveiled its latest guitar pedal, the Scuzz Box, an innovative fuzz pedal. Available for pre-order through select dealers, the Scuzz Box is KHDK's geranium-voiced fuzz pedal, designed as a unique, truly musical fuzz. The Scuzz Box was named by Hammett himself due to the dirty, skuzzy vibe it emits. The pedal is housed in an acid-yellow and purple enclosure, and, characteristically for KHDK, it seeks to disrupt a standard notion of what a fuzz pedal should sound like. The pedal features two distinct modes: Scuzz and Fuzz. The Fuzz mode is a melodic, richly fuzzy go-to mode to play a whole show with a highly usable, top-notch crunchy fuzz. The Scuzz mode delivers a dangerous, Velcro-type grating fuzz with a highly-distinct ripping texture and a buzzy tone.

Of the Scuzz Box, EAGLES OF DEATH METAL's Dave Catching commented: "Most fuzz pedals I've tried sound cool on high notes, but once you get into a rhythm you can't tell the notes apart any more... it's just a wash of fuzz. The Scuzz Box doesn't mute any notes and maintains clarity." Check out the smoking video clip of Catching with the Scuzz Box below. KHDK's David Karon added, "We created the Scuzz Box to shine through in the mix; it can be used for soloing and long, wailing tones and its clarity is even perfect for power chords."

The Scuzz Box joins KHDK's Ghoul Screamer, No. 1 Overdrive and No. 2 Clean Boost guitar pedals in KHDK Electronics impressive and widely-praised arsenal of guitar pedals. Conceived by Kirk Hammett and KHDK laboratories, the Ghoul Screamer is the perfect multipurpose guitar pedal, designed for the true guitar-gearhead, possessing dramatic versatility with controls spanning from a clean boost all the way to a massive overdrive. In addition to the three standard controls (drive, tone and volume), five more switches are added to the Ghoul Screamer to greatly expand the sound palette - bass switch, high switch, body switch, compression switches and foot switch. Of the Ghoul Screamer, Premier Guitar stated, "It's a potential livesaver in changing backline situations, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile OD."

Constructed with feedback from Kirk Hammett, DISTURBED's Dan Donegan and world-renowned producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, HATESPHERE, SICK OF IT ALL), the No. 1 Overdrive is an original tube-like overdrive pedal, a powerful, character-defining pedal that boasts a KHDK original circuit based on a radical blend of op-amp and mosfet technology. The No. 1 Overdrive is used by some of the hard rock and metal worlds' biggest stars including Hammett himself, Donegan, ROB ZOMBIE's John 5, GOJIRA's Joe Duplantier, VOLBEAT's Rob Caggiano and HELLYEAH's Tom Maxwell. Of the No. 1 Overdrive, Guitar Player avowed, "Kudos to KHDK for bringing a hip new overdrive flavor to the tonal banquette...Superb tone. Unique gain structure. Great flexibility."

KHDK's clean boost pedal, No. 2, is built on KHDK's original circuit, providing a warm, tube-like boost and is best-used as a precision-shaping tool with organic and transparent EQ. The Clean Boost was designed for those who appreciate a natural, subtle gain. Of the Ghoul Screamer, the No. 1 Overdrive and the No. 2 Clean Boost, Guitar World declared, "Whether you want pure clean boost, classic rock raunch or screaming solo tones, KHDK's new overdrive pedals offer the flavors you love, and the versatility to create the sounds you dream of."

Founded by Hammett and industry vet David Karon, KHDK Electronics is a new boutique guitar effects maker. Working with world renowned musicians to develop their products, KHDK stands for an exclusive lifestyle brand which caters to artists who are not afraid to push the envelope. Over the past few years, KHDK has relentlessly refined and polished their vision with pain-staking detail. From conception to prototype each product has been carefully crafted by engineer Antonin Salva. All KHDK products are hand-built by a family-run manufacturer in Paducah, Kentucky.

Hammett needs no introduction. As lead guitarist for METALLICA for more than three decades, Hammett has sold hundreds of millions of albums, toured the world many times over and has been awarded multiple Grammy Awards and is regularly listed as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. KHDK co-founder David Karon has had decades of experience creating iconic products for the biggest names in music. With KHDK, he gives artists an independent platform for turning their creative visions into reality and delivering the highest class of stage and audio gear.

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