METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD Is Unsure About Revisiting Older Tunes

February 4, 2005

Launch Radio Networks is reporting that METALLICA's management denied earlier this week that the band was contributing a previously unreleased song to the soundtrack of the upcoming movie, "Batman Begins". While the band does have music left over from 2001's pre-"St. Anger" recording sessions, it's not clear whether any of that material will ever see the light of day. Frontman James Hetfield said there's always a chance that the band could revisit those tracks for the next METALLICA album. "We might, but that also depends on what we've got cooked up with Rob (Trujillo, bassist),you know," he told Launch. "We want to move forward as well. It's almost as if we should leave those things as they are, as the, you know, 'Here are the stepping stones to 'St. Anger',' you know. But I think moving forward with Rob is pretty important."

Robert Trujillo joined METALLICA after the recording of "St. Anger" was completed.

METALLICA plans to begin working on their next album sometime later this year.

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