February 21, 2002

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield has posted the following update on his recovery process from alcoholism and other addictions via the the group's Fan Club magazine So What:

"James here!! ALIVE...and getting well...Recovery is the most difficult and challenging thing I've ever attempted (along with parenting). Also the most grounding and gratifying gift I've ever received (along with parenting). I've so much to say. I feel I've been away a a way I have.

"My rough road has become smoother reading the show of support from the friends I've met through METALLICA. I've not seen nor felt such potent real heart connecting words put together as these. Thank you. They move me deeply.

"My music and lyrix have always been a therapy for me. Without this god given gift I don't know where I'd be. Now I truly feel the impact and connection it's made with others. Struggle to struggle. PAIN TO PAIN. Human to human, not idol to fan, fan to idol. Clarity has put me in a humble and serene place to receive this connection in return and feel it helping heal me.

"Every breath I take becomes deeper and more confident of myself without my crutches. The lies I've filled my body and soul with aren't needed anymore. They're not welcome. I choose to live not just exist.

"I miss you all so much. And I am awaiting the time this deeper connection I feel to you will be in person."

In related news, ECHOBRAIN, the new band of former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted, have just completed work on their debut video with director Danny Clinch for the group's first single, "Keep Me Alive", taken from ECHOBRAIN's self-titled debut, which comes out on March 5th. Here are some of Newsted's comments about the video shoot, as reported by MTV News:

"There was a lot of footage [Clinch] shot on this old eight-millimeter camera he bought for a dollar at a yard sale. It's all f---ed up and grainy and scratchy. It's just beautiful."

"I wanted it to be trippy and abstract without being too arty. The music has tons of layers of different textures and players. That's how the video is, too: very bright and vibrant and colorful. Just think of Wizard of Oz colors and wild poppy field sh--. Blue, blue skies, super-green greens."

In addition to lensing the "Keep Me Alive" clip, Clinch also filmed footage the band may use for a future video for the track "Colder World", which is likely to be issued as the album's second single.

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