March 11, 2010

EMG TV sat down with METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett at the band's San Rafael, California headquarters in September 2009 to discuss his use of EMG guitar pickups. The clip has now been posted on YouTube and can be viewed below.

As previously reported, Israeli fans of METALLICA reached an agreement with the promoter of the band's upcoming show in Tel Aviv to get ticket prices for the gig significantly dropped. A growing number of fans were planning to boycott the May 22 concert after learning that the cheapest tickets for the show were going for 600 shekel, or around $159 U.S. According to the creators of a Facebook page dedicated to the boycott, tickets for METALLICA shows around the world were much less, while top tickets by other acts coming to Israel went for around $66.

As of March 3, an agreement was apparently reached between fans and the promoter, with a proposal on the table that tickets should range from a low of $80 to a high of $160.

Fans Tomer Mussman and Rotem Horovitz wrote, "After a four-day campaign, tons of news items about us worldwide, over 6,000 supporters and numerous media interviews, we can say that we did it! We won! This afternoon, (we) met with Mr. Gad Oron, the promoter's representative, and reached an agreement about a significant drop in ticket prices."

Mussman and Horovitz added, "We would like to personally thank METALLICA and their management for directly helping us with reaching our goal and reducing the prices . . . We are officially asking each and every one of you to stop the boycott, and come and enjoy METALLICA's concert with us on May 22."

The show in Tel Aviv will mark METALLICA's third visit to Israel, with its last one coming in 1999.

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