METALLICA's 'Monster' To Receive Limited Release In July

February 24, 2004

METALLICA's much-anticipated $4-million documentary, "Some Kind of Monster", will be released in early July in small theaters in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to Then, when the band returns from Europe to the States to tour in the fall, the movie will be shown in almost every city on the tour around the time the band plays that market.

According to Joe Berlinger, who directed the movie along with Bruce Sinofsky, "Some Kind of Monster" will hit VHS and DVD early next year in what is likely to be two editions: a double-disc set composed of the movie and plenty of bonus footage, and a four-disc box featuring the movie plus as much as four and a half hours of edited footage that didn't make the film

There's also a good possibility that a soundtrack will accompany the DVD release, Berlinger said, adding that it would likely feature songs recorded during sessions that were left off "St. Anger".

As reported here yesterday, METALLICA have struck a service deal with IFC Pictures, in which the band will pick up all the marketing costs in order to control distribution of the film.

"METALLICA deserve a lot of credit for being courageous enough not only for allowing this kind of film to be made in the first place, but to say, 'Hey, we're gonna pay for the release and make sure it's done properly,' " Berlinger told

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