METALLICA: 'Some Kind of Monster' Movie To Receive Theatrical Release By March

October 16, 2003

"Some Kind of Monster", a movie about the hardships, struggles and frustrations METALLICA experienced while creating "St. Anger", has been submitted to the Sundance Film festival for consideration, and several distributors are interested in releasing the movie, which should be in theaters by March, according to The makers of the film expect the movie to show across the country, but possibly not all at once. METALLICA's management, Q-Prime, is considering releasing the movie to cities a week or two before the band's tour plays there.

In addition, director Joe Berlinger, who created the film with partner Bruce Sinofsky over the past two and a half years, is writing a book that'll document his experience in greater detail. "It will be designed to tie into the DVD release of the film, which will be in late summer or early fall of next year," he said. "The movie gives a really great portrait of these guys, but we shot 1,200 hours of material, and now the film is a hair over two hours long. There's so much more to tell."

For more on the making of "Some Kind of Monster", click here.

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